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Long stories for those who prefer to hold off reality for hours

Bed of Roses

Nick Carter has everything a man could ever want. He has women falling across his lap, a record-setting career in the music business, and a best friend that he's known since childhood. Unfortunately, he also has the ego to go with it. When his best friend joins him on tour and notices the dramatic change in his attitude, she's determined to find the man she once knew. In searching, she learns that there's more to life than good intentions, and there are more questions to be raised than she has the answers to, the most important one being 'How much is too much?'... (completed, 12/31/02)

Being Alive

They were mere moments away from broken when one word threatened to destroy them.  It was supposed to rip them apart, but Kevin and his wife were determined to stay together. (incomplete)

Comforting Lie

Backstreet is gone, and Nick Carter is still feeling the effects through a wave of self-destruction that Aaron can't stand to watch any longer. Aaron, who has given up his own career for the lights of Broadway, allows Nick to spend a few months with himself and his roommates during a business trip in hopes that he might help Nick. However, there's more to the break-up of Backstreet than anyone could have guessed... (incomplete)


Nick Carter has finally started the solo project he's always dreamed of.  However, the confidence and sexuality that Nick radiates onstage is quite different from the insecurities and inner demons he faces when the curtain goes down.  When a reserved chick rocker joins him as an opening act, he is intrigued by the dichotomy that she embodies and surprised by how much her actions remind him of himself.  As the two become friends, he learns that there is much more to a person than the the face they present, and that there is much more to the music than the voice behind it. (incomplete)

Puddle of Grace

Sequel of sorts to "This Christmas."  AJ and Taylor are happy together, but their single friends are less satisfied.  In a pathetic attempt at matchmaking, they introduce Taylor's fireball of a roommate to the youngest, blondest Backstreet Boy.  While the initial blind date is less than a romantic success, it's only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  (incomplete)

Search For Solace

Screams in the middle of the night. Flashes of light from beneath hotel doors. A mysterious young lady who just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Curiosity forces Nick to string these things together. However, nothing in this world could prepare him for the result... (on hiatus)

This Christmas

AJ and Taylor are best friends. Both are caught up in the craziness of their everyday lives, longing for the holiday season, when AJ suggests that they spend the holidays together. However, as they face the season together, getting to know each other better, the vacation turns into a trip that neither AJ nor Taylor will ever forget... (completed 12/16/03)