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Because you've given me more than you realize...

I must say, I never, ever thought the day would come where I would put this kind of thing up on the page, but I am SO HONORED to have to create a little place to put awards.  I love to write more than I love to waste time (which is saying something, trust me), and the fact that some of you out there actually enjoy what I write enough to reward me for it is amazing and almost beyond my comprehension.
You guys make me want to giggle, grin, and cheer all at once. :) Thank you SO MUCH for everything you've done for me, and thanks so much for your continued interest in the stories.  They will always be a tiny little piece of my heart, but the fact that they mean something to someone else both astounds and humbles me.
Below is a list of the things that have caused me to grin goofily and write gushy, endless thank you emails to the list.  And, if I were at the Grammies, I'd be hearing my elevator music right now, so I'm going to hush and let you guys see what you've given me.
Thank you. :)

BOB Awards 2002

Nominated: Best Brian Story
                  Best Short Story
                  Most Inspirational Story
                  Best Unknown Author

No Name Awards

Winner: Best Short Story

Devilishly Angels Award

Solace Challenge #3

Whatever Reason Awards 2003

Whatever Reason Awards 2003

Nominated: Best Supporting Character
                  Best Sentence/Line
                  Best Unrecognized Story
                  Best Unrecognized Author 

Run Away Awards 2003

Nominated:  Best Member Story
                   Best Overall Story
                   Best Unfinished Story (Comforting Lie)

Forever Rebel Awards 2003

Nominated:  Best Kiss (Chapter 36)
                    Best Overall Story

Part of Me Fan Fiction Awards 2003

Best Overall Fanfic: Bed of Roses
Best Nick Fanfic: Bed of Roses
Best Lead Character - Female: Alli
Best Romance: Bed of Roses
Best Kiss: Nick & Alli - Chapter 36 in Bed of Roses
Best Ending: Bed of Roses


Winner:  Best Kiss (Bed of Roses, Chapter 36)

Just a quick thank you to all of those awesome people out there who take the time to run these awards...you guys are incredible. :)