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This Christmas

Hang all the mistletoe
I'm gonna get to know you better
This Christmas
~ Christina Aguilera

AJ and Taylor are best friends. He's the tough guy in the world's most popular boy band, and she's the most popular bartender in one of New York City's most dangerous hangouts. Both come from a rather dark side of life, and not too long ago, they were able to find some sort of common ground and solace within each other.

Now, AJ is coming off of a long tour and Taylor is wrapping up another grueling semester at school. On an impulse, AJ decides to rent a house on the beach for Christmas, providing a vacation getaway for himself and Taylor. However, as they face the holiday season together, they get to know each other better, and the trip turns into a vacation that neither will ever forget...

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT KNOW AJ OR ANY OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS. None of the events in this story are true, nor are the feelings expressed by AJ himself.  I realize I'm stepping on dangerous territory with the Prologue...believe me when I say that I have no idea what went through AJ's mind at that point in his life.  Above all, this is fiction, and I'm only telling a story. Okay, I'm done. :)

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This is my best friend. He's quite an interesting guy, really. Okay, I take it back--he's a freak. He's a really big freak with a really big heart, but I love him for it. I'm sure you can understand. ~Taylor

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12/16/03 ~ Finis. :)

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