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This Christmas


To the inspiration behind the writings...

"This Christmas" lasted through two Christmases and a hefty hundred pages. It is one of the few stories I've written in which I kept to the original outline. It's also one of the few in which I focused less on what the characters were saying and more on how they were saying it.

I wanted to write an entire story based on witty dialogue and natural progression. I wanted to write a story that was easy to write, one that flowed naturally and made people smile. I wanted to write a story from first person, and I wanted two characters who could make me laugh in the middle of the night while my fingers marched across the keys.

I think I did it. ;)

To everyone who's followed AJ and Taylor throughout their lovely Bahamas voyage, thanks for reading. The fact that you guys stayed with the story for so long really, really makes me happy. It's amazing to me that, after two years, people are still reading my ramblings.
To AJ...thanks for letting me borrow you for my fictional whims.  At least you got to have sex with a really hot bartender, right?

To Natalie, Sam, Jess, Astrid, Praajya, Leila, Erin, Em and everyone else who sent feedback for this story, thanks for taking interest enough to drop me a line. You guys made me giggle giddily at the screen on more than one occasion, and I have you to thank for the fact that I finally buckled down and finished this sucker.

To Kimber, Adrienne, Moira, Maggie, Sarah, Ke, the piano room posse and all of my freaky friends who were the inspiration behind numerous scenes in this story, thanks for making me laugh my ass off at three o'clock in the morning when I should be studying. You guys rock my socks off! Really. They're all gone, and it's all your fault. ;)

To Amy, for entertaining me in the midnight hours more than once; thanks for loving me and all my dorkiness. ;) I'm glad that it worked out in the story. For once, I had an excuse not to hold my tongue, lol.

To Brit and Jess, who read this story religiously in the beginning, thanks for always being honest with me and letting me know exactly what you think. I love you guys, and I miss you much.

To AJ, Taylor, and anyone else who's ever had something that felt right and was smart enough to hold onto it, this story's for you.

Until next time, everyone...thanks for reading.