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Because every story has to start somewhere...

This story began with an assignment in a creative writing class.  Basically, I was told to find a writing mentor and emulate his/her style.  The mentor I chose was Elaine Castillo, the webmistress of *NSYNC fic site WORLD (which is currently out of order).  In addition to being a fan fiction writer, she is the author of two books, Vinciguerra and Eden In The Afternoon.  You can buy them at http://www.amazon.com :-)
At any rate, one of Elaine's books contains a story entitled "Scenes From A Living Room Couch" that I fell completely in love with.  Due to the different style, I figured that, not only would it make a good entry, but it would also teach me a little about writing in script form.  So, essentially, I borrowed Elaine's style for a bit and sat down to write a story.
Problem? I couldn't think of anything. So I picked up two trusty old characters who've never let me down...Nick and Alli.  Ever since BOR ended I had been getting emails about a sequel, and so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.
Back by popular demand for a rather brief encore, here's a teeny, tiny look into the afterlives of Nick and Alli. It's written in script form, and I'd like to think it captures the essence of two normal people.  Maybe normal is a stretch, but you know what I mean. After forty-seven chapters, I managed to sum up their futures in five scenes.
Go figure, right? ;-)

So now you know the story, and the proper credit has been given.  Happy Reading. :-)