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So here we are
And we'll always be together

"AH! Carter, stop! You're just a stupid boy! Leave me alone!"

Nick Carter grinned and continued to chase the blonde in front of him. "Alexie! Alli, come back! I'm coming to get you and tickle you until you turn blue and you can't breathe and your head falls off and rolls around on the grass and..."


Alexandra Lacey ran as fast as she could, hearing the slap of her shoes against the pavement underneath. She reached the yard quickly and dove behind the bushes, praying that he wouldn't find her. She hated being tickled, and she definitely didn't want her head to fall off.

"Caught ya!" cried a gleeful Nick as he wrapped his arms around her and rolled over on top of her. "See, now you can't move, and I'm going to tickle you silly."

Alli rolled her eyes at him. "You're evil, Carter."

"You're eviler."

She stuck her tongue out. "Eviler isn't a word, stupid."

"I'm not stupid!"

She laughed. "You're just in first grade. I'm a fourth grader. I'm older AND I'm smarter."

He glared down at her. "I'm smarter."

"Are not."

"Are too!"

She laughed again. "It's 'am too,' you doofus."

He glared at her again and stuck out his tongue. "I don't care! I'm gonna tickle you anyways."

Alli's gray eyes widened in horror and she shook her head fervently. "No, no, no. Carter..."

Her pleas went unheard as Nick wiggled his fingers above her and made his descent. The two could be heard shrieking with laughter throughout the Carters' backyard. When Nick finally tired of the game, he rolled over and let her sit up. Alli brushed herself off, glowering at him.

"That was mean."

Nick grinned. "Was not. If you were laughing, then it can't be mean."

Alli rolled her eyes and stomped her foot in exasperation. "Argh!"

He laughed again. "I'm the baby, gotta love me..." he teased in a tiny voice. Alli tried her hardest not to smile.

"You may be a baby, Carter, but I do NOT have to love you..."

Nick's bottom lip rolled out in a pout. "Alli..." he whined slowly. "Please?"

"Okay, fine. Whatever."

He smiled. "Say you love me."

Alli rolled her eyes again, but her smile was impossible to hide. "I love you. Now you say it."

He batted his eyelashes and grinned playfully. "I love you, Alexie." He turned serious for a moment. "Alli, promise me that we'll always be friends?"

Alli frowned. "Not just friends...we're best friends."

Nick nodded and held out a hand. "Shake on it?"

Alli took Nick's hand in her own, shaking it firmly. "Always friends."

Nick grinned and winked. "Always more."

lyrics and music by the Backstreet Boys