The shorter stories for those who have time to delve deep into tiny fantasies. :)

At Last

Love exists in that which completes you

Back To Good

Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much

Bad Day

Thank God for friends @@


And it all comes tumbling down

Cheap Trick

I want you to want me


For the people who know us better than we know ourselves

Double-Sided Door

For every story, there are two sides


Getting over the Backstreet Boy


Sometimes you have to let go to find yourself again

*DISCLAIMER: In this short story, I use a number of quotes from the Rolling Stone article that came out in November of 2000. I do not claim to know anything about what the character was thinking at the time the quotes were recorded...I'm merely writing a story. It's complete and total fiction. That said, enjoy.*

Fragile Thing

A sad take on a sweet song
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story has to do with domestic violence.  If this offends you, don't read.

Green Yellow White

The importance of right here, right now

Just The Way You Are

A real romance between two surreal people (combination fic)

Let That Be Enough

Let me know that you need me

Letting Go

What more is there to lose if you've already lost it all?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This deals with alcohol abuse, and the story was written before AJ's publicized bout with depression. Remember that it is fiction, and no harm is meant to the Boys by such a story.


Who needs a script?

London Rain

Nothing heals me like you do

Love Lessons

You lose, you learn


Before you judge...
DISCLAIMER:  The political opinions discussed here are not necessarily the political opinions of the author, so don't send me hate mail if you think Bush and Kerry are the greatest candidates since elections began.


When moments become memories


When forever falls apart @@

Pizza on Wednesdays

Don't date a rock star

Red Roses

A different kind of happily ever after


We lie best when we lie to ourselves

Stormy Weather

Because every relationship has rough spots

Ten Years

The celebration of a whole lot of history

The Little Things

Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly


All you need is love and understanding


Sometimes the words just won't come out


Simplicity revisited

Backstreet Boys!!; Actual size=300 pixels wide

'Cause you're just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby
When I close my eyes, you come and you take me
On and on and on
I'm so deep in my daydreams
~ Mariah Carey ~

@@ ~ award winning

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