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Long and short collaborations with some of the coolest people on the 'net.

Falling Is Like This (with Jess from "Believe In Denial" and Leila from "Break Me")

An introspective guide of being in love with your brother's best friend.
You know love wouldn't be so hard if the object of your affection would just notice you. (completed 7/10/04)

Sidelines (with Noelle)

They were two normal people trying to start a relationship, trying to have a good time, trying to let love in when all they wanted to do was push it out.  For once in each of their lives, they were telling themselves to screw the image and go with the flow, and they were slowly learning to enjoy the beauty of the unpredictable.  The relationship was blooming, they were growing, and they were trying to love.  But, really, they were normal people with thousands of eyes on them, and every step of their story was documented by the media.  Now, you can watch two stars try to hold it together by not looking behind them.  Problem is, you get to do it the way the rest of the world does...through the eyes of the media. (incomplete)

Situations (with Jess from "Believe In Denial" and Leila from "Break Me")

He.  She.  Him.  A bar.  Conversation.  Love?  Lust?  One diluted drinking mess.
Alcohol.    You wouldn't believe the kind of things it can get you into... (completed)

Standard Lines (with Amy from "Music of Her Heart")

Backstreet has come to a bitter end, but the fragile friendship of two wives still remains. Change has been a bitter foe to both women, but they're hoping that they have a better chance of surviving if they brave it together. And so they cling tightly to each other with pens and paper in times of turmoil, praying for a new beginning. (incomplete)

Special thanks to those writers who put up with me on a daily basis as we attempt to create...you guys know that you rock, right? ;-)