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"Don't gasp at the predictable
A comforting lie can't last..." ~ No Doubt

Five years...

Five years ago, the Chapter One tour was wrapping up. Five years ago, Aaron Carter was a rap sensation that had every girl under the age of twelve running for the record store. Four years ago, pop music had the world in a thrilled frenzy.

Five years ago, the Backstreet Boys were together.

Now, in the wake of their destruction, the youngest Backstreet Boy is halfway to hell . However, business calls him into New York, where his younger brother and two roommates are on the brink of Broadway success. Nick has long been changed from years of hiding his anguish, but his reunion with Aaron and his introduction to the two girls that reside with Aaron prove to be more than eye-opening. What happens when the secrets behind the break-up come tumbling forth, and Nick is forced to face the fears he has succumbed to for so long? After all, a comforting lie can't last...

DISCLAIMER: As always, I don't know the Backstreet Boys or Aaron Carter. This is all fiction, just a mere product of my ridiculously screwed-up imagination. Nick isn't REALLY like this at all, I'm sure. As far as I know, the Backstreet Boys don't condone illegal substance abuse.  Once again, people...FICTION.  Although Jekyll & Hyde really is a Broadway production, I don't believe that the Boys have ever been associated with it. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to send feedback!

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1/26/08 ~  UPDATE!  Happy Reading! :)

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