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So hold it
Hold it all in
Let it build up
Oh, build a bomb
And blow it
Blow it away
Let it all out
Just end it

The End of an Era
By: John Warren

Wednesday was a sad, sad, day in the world of Backstreet. In fact, Wednesday was the last day in the world of Backstreet. Kevin Richardson chose that morning to inform the world that, after eight long years together, the group has chosen to go their separate ways.

"As many of you can tell, we've all grown a great deal since the beginning of the group," Richardson said. "Brian and I have families and separate businesses, Howie's been doing a lot of work with the Dorough Lupus Foundation, and AJ's been dabbling into rock as Johnny No Name. We've all devoted more and more time to separate endeavors, and we're at a point in our career where we feel that there's little more we can achieve as a group. We've grown apart, and we have many individual interests that we'd rather pursue."

Richardson did deny any truth to rumors that Nick Carter's recent reckless behavior had anything to do with the group's sudden decision. He also neglected to mention any individual aspirations Carter had for himself. However, he did acknowledge that his plans included starting a family with wife Kristin Richardson, who is reported to be pregnant with the couple's first child. Cousin Brian Littrell and his wife Leighanne have started a production company/record label that they hope to expand and pursue in the near future. Richardson said that the elimination of Backstreet "would allow us a lot more time to ourselves and to be ourselves. This business is crazy, and I think that we've had our fill as a group."

Apparently, former Backstreet member AJ McLean, who has undergone sixty days of treatment in a rehabilitation center for depression and alcoholism in the past year, has not had his fill as an individual. In a more recent interview, McLean stated that he plans to "record an album with more of a rock feel to it. We did a lot of ballads and a lot of pop music as a group, but I'm a big fan of rock and jazz, and I'd like to put out some material that reflects that part of me." McLean also plans to later go on tour under his Johnny No Name alias to help raise money for the Save the Music Foundation. "It was a huge success the last time around," McLean is reported to have said, "and I think it'd be great to do something like that again. This business is a huge part of me, and I'm not anywhere close to giving it up. Like I told Rolling Stone a few years ago, I don't really know anything else. I'm not ready to make that kind of change in my life."

When contacted by our sources later in the week, Brian Littrell expressed an interest in fathering up-and-coming artists in the near future. "My wife and I started a production company, and I'm very excited about getting that off the ground. We've already got some artists that were considering, and I'd really like to play manager. The Backstreet Boys were screwed over many, many times by management, and I'd really like to create a nurturing environment for new artists to prevent that kind of thing from happening again."

Howard Dorough (better known by fans as Howie D.) spoke excitedly of his plans for the Dorough Lupus Foundation and a solo career in Latin music. "I have Latin roots, believe it or not, and I'd really like to get into that kind of music. I'm pleased at the comeback it's made, and I'd love to get out there and do some stuff like that," he said. He did, however, express sorrow at the end of the group. "I've spent the best years of my life with these guys," he said quietly. "Unfortunately, we're at a point in our lives where the group conflicts with our individual interests, and we'd all rather part amicably than end up whining about our lives on Behind the Music in a few years. We hate to disappoint the fans, but I think I speak for all of the fellas when I say that our time has come and gone." He paused. "We'll still be friends, though," he assured us.

None of the former Backstreet Boys were able to predict where the break-up would leave youngest member Nick Carter. Carter was not available for comment.

The Boys are scheduled to play three remaining shows of their sold out Chapter One tour. Whether or not they will continue with the tour is, as of yet, undecided. The break-up comes at quite an inopportune time; both the album and the latest single have reached number one on the Billboard charts, a true testament to the timeless success of the Backstreet Boys.

"Everything has a season, a time to live and a time to die," Richardson quoted, claiming it as a favorite Bible verse of his. "The season of Backstreet is...well, its over."

Hopefully, the music will outlast those that have created it.

With a snort of disgust, he rolled his eyes and closed the magazine. He set it gingerly on the table and reached for a glass of wine that sat waiting. It didn't matter anymore that he could barely see straight.

The end of an era...

He took a long drag from his cigarette, letting the smoke fill his lungs for a brief moment before blowing it out. As far as he was concerned, nothing really mattered anymore.

The end of an era...

The title echoed in his head, mocking him. Truer words had never been spoken. And, God, it hurt that they were true at all.

lyrics taken from a song called "Comforting Lie" by No Doubt, on the album entitled RETURN OF SATURN